The long-term storage of human biological specimens (blood, urine, tissue, etc.), also known as biobanking, has been an important part of medical research over the last half of a century. Recently there has been increased momentum in human biobanking within the medical-research community that has coincided with a heightened interest in personalized and precision medicine. As a result, many population-wide biobanks also store phenotypic and clinical health data linked to biological specimens that can provide a platform for omics analyses integrated with meaningful clinical outcomes. One of the major achievements of the Monte-Saben Research Program has been the establishment of an acute care biobank – The Emergency Medicine Specimen Bank (EMSB), which serves as a resource to both academic and industry investigators. Additionally, Dr. Monte serves as a Co-I for the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM) Biobank. The goal of the CCPM program is to enroll and collect biospecimens from patients across the UCHealth system and then to genotype a subset (currently 30,000) of these patients (current enrollment >63,000 participants) both for clinical implementation of personalized medicine and for research.

The Emergency Medicine Specimen Bank (EMSB)

Spearheaded by Drs. Monte and Saben, the Emergency Medicine Specimen Bank (EMSB) was developed to facilitate precision medicine in acute care and to provide resources for all research efforts at the University Of Colorado Department Of Emergency Medicine. The EMSB is a biorepository of clinical health data and biospecimens collected from all adult, English- or Spanish-speaking individuals who are able and willing to provide consent and are treated at the UCHealth – University of Colorado Hospital Emergency Department (UCH-ED). The EMSB is the first acute care biobank that seeks to enroll all patients with all conditions who present to the UCH-ED. The EMSB went live in February 2018 and has enrolled and collected biological samples from over 1,000 subjects in just over 6 months. A major goal of the EMSB is to unobtrusively obtain patient biologic samples at UCH-ED presentation and after treatment, enabling biological analysis of individual therapeutic responses. These samples can be paired with de-identified phenotypic clinical outcomes data extracted from the electronic health record through the University of Colorado Health Data Compass. The EMSB aims to become a central resource for both academic and industry partners interested in improving acute care medicine.

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Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine Biobank


  • CU-Department of Emergency Medicine Seed Grant

  • UCHealth & the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine

  • NIH-GMS: 1R35GM124939 September 2017 – July 31 2022