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Colorado Public Radio News (CPR)

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Study: Consuming Edibles Is Way More Likely To Send People To The ER Than Smoking

April 2019

"More people are visiting the ER after consuming marijuana, and edibles induce negative reactions at higher rates, according to researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Users who smoke marijuana can still end up at the hospital, mostly from cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, which is defined by persistent nausea and vomiting."

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The Dantastic Mr. Tox & Howard Episode 11 – In the Weeds with the Full Monte

April 2018

"Join Dan (@drusyniak) &howard (@heshiegreshie) as they discuss all things marijuana with Dr. Andrew Monte (@PreciseMDMonte) on this very special day. Learn about the interaction between marijuana and ERs in Colorado before and after legalization, the influence of Big Green, and why Turtle isn’t the only one experiencing the Entourage effect. We discuss the issues with edibles, airport amnesty bins, and the issues surrounding increased exposure to marijuana including a disturbing uptick in psychiatric presentations."