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Cannabis-related ER visits in Colorado jump threefold after legalization, study says

March 2019

"Cannabis use in Colorado has been on the rise since medical cannabis was liberalized in 2009 and recreational cannabis went on sale in 2014, and it has led to an increase in emergency department visits, according to a new study."

The New York Times


Marijuana ER Visits Climb in Denver Hospital Study

March 2019

"Inhaled marijuana caused the most severe problems at one large Denver area hospital. Marijuana-infused foods and candies, called edibles, also led to trouble. Patients came to the ER with symptoms such as repeated vomiting, racing hearts and psychotic episodes."

The Verge


Novel Drugs of Abuse

August 2017

"Forty years ago, drugs had easy names: cocaine, meth, heroin. Today, the names can read like an ingredients list for a chemistry class: 5F-AMB, PX-2, MDMB-CHMINACA. Today’s designer drugs are made by synthesizing chemicals and hoping they give you a high that’s strong enough to be worth it, but not strong enough to send you to the hospital."



Colorado visitors are using pot and ending up in the ER

February 2016

"Weed-related emergency room visits are on the rise in Colorado since voters approved the legalization of retail marijuana in 2012 and sales began in 2014."



Synthetic marijuana: What is it, how does it work, and is it dangerous?

October 2014

"Marijuana is generally considered one of the least harmful illicit drugs. But synthetic marijuana, the label given to a group of manufactured drugs derived from pot's cannabinoids, couldn't be any more different — and in recent months it's fostered a growing sense of concern among public health officials."

The New Yorker


The Trip Planners: The unusual couple behind an online encyclopedia of psychoactive substances

November 2015

"When the site launched, in 1995, it served as a repository of drug-culture esoterica, drawing just a few hits a day. Today, Erowid contains highly detailed profiles of more than three hundred and fifty psychoactive substances, from caffeine to methamphetamine."



Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and Other Impacts of Colorado Pot Legalization

December 2014

"The Journal of the American Medical Association has published a report penned by three emergency room physicians at the University of Colorado hospital in Aurora about the health-related fallout from marijuana legalization in the state."